Queensland Defence Science Alliance

Established in 2021, the Queensland Defence Science Alliance (QDSA) is a university-led initiative committed to creating an agile ecosystem that enhances Queensland’s capability pipeline to rapidly translate ideas into reality within the Defence enterprise.

Bringing together the sharpest multi-disciplinary minds across seven leading Queensland Universities, industry partners, government and Defence, the QDSA focusses on sovereign collaboration and innovation to accelerate Defence’s capability edge.

We look forward to welcoming you into the QDSA Community.

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Creating an Agile Ecosystem

Our mission is to create an agile ecosystem to accelerate the advantage.

  • Collaborative Community
  • Inspire Fresh Thinking
  • Enhanced Capability
  • Sovereignty
  • Security
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Collaborative Community

Building an inclusive and collaborative Defence research community for Queensland.

Inspire Fresh Thinking

Solving Defence problems with innovative design-led initiatives.

Enhanced Capability

Leveraging cutting-edge research and industry capacity for sovereign capability.


Building a strong and safe Australia.


A trusted and secure organisation that contributes to the Defence classified mission.


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Our Mission

To build and unite an agile Defence Science ecosystem in Queensland, accelerating the delivery of capability to the Australian Defence Force at scale.

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